Prashna Kundli Online Free: Is It Relevant or Mere Gimmick?

Astrology is like a garden. There you can find various flowers of various colors and they are packed with fragrance of different types. In Vedic Astrology, Pashna or horary Astrology is an important division. The significance of the questioning is the result of the positions of planets and the effect of the light on the particular time when the curious person asked the question. Many interesting things can be known with the help of this method. This prashna kundali online free is helpful to create a chart based on present place and time.

There are many websites that offer free online Prashna Kundli services. Prashna Kundli, known as Horary Astrology too, is a branch of astrology that focuses on answering some questions based on the time the question is asked.

The astrological websites cater such services. They have a special section dedicated to particular Prashna Kundli. If you are interested you can visit the websites and look for the Prashna Kundli option to generate your own Kundli based on your personal query.

What are the underlying factors?

In the context of prashna kundli online free or Horary Astrology, there are several underlying factors that astrologers take into account when analyzing a question. These factors help to predict based on the time and nature of the query. Here we are going to highlight some of the key underlying factors in prashna kundli online free:

The exact time and location the moment the question is asked are crucial. The astrologer considers the planetary positions and their transits at that specific moment to assess the overall situation and make predictions.

The ascendant or lagna at the time of the question is determined. It represents the person asking the question. The ascendant sign and the ruling planet play a vital role while interpreting the prashna kundli online free.

Each question corresponds to a specific house or sign. The significator of the house or sign is analyzed properly to determine the result of the question. For example, if the question is based on career, the significator is surely to be the 10th house and its ruling planet.

The positions of the planets at the time of asking the question, along with their aspects, are examined thoroughly. The impacts of planets and their influence on the relevant houses are to be considered.

There are two things in astrology .They are planetary periods called dasha and sub-periods known as bhukti. They are taken into account too. These periods hint at the time frame during which certain events are more likely to take place.

Astrologers look for specific yogas or planetary combinations and doshas or malefic influences in the prashna kundli online free. These factors may have an impact on the result and to provide additional insights.

Apart from various astrological factors, astrologers rely greatly on their personal intuition and experience to dissect the online free kundli and provide answers.

It’s important to note that the question is just one aspect of astrology. On the other hand interpretations may vary.

Everyone does not know the birth date and time; sometimes it is just not possible for the guardians too, to keep track of these useful data. But Astrology can go for life analysis of the individuals who do not have any idea of their birth details nor are not sure whether their respective details are correct or not.

In such intricate situations, astrology can easily make use of the said device. Of course, not every astrologer has an idea of this technic. But it is still used in a wide manner.

Now the most vital question comes.  We think you have had a detailed idea about Prashna Kundli as we have tried our level best to cast a light on it. Now let us know all about the knowhow of the very online astro-service.  First of all to have answer one has to fill up a form. On some websites thee are systems of elaborating the question the seeker has asked. In maximum places the answer is given in the form of either Yes or No. Once you want to get the elaborate answer, you have to take an appointment of the specialists.

Again one should be kept in mind too.  The question that will be asked must be related with the seeker’s present life. Again the seeker must be clear in his stance and be firm while writing the question.  Again one thing should be taken care of. The prashna kundli online free is absolutely not based on the horoscope of the person who have asked the question. Ratheer it may be said that it is the horoscope of the question that the seekr has asked. The second thing is that one should keep in mind the time and place. The time is the most special thing. On the basis of it the horoscope will be made. Again if someone can attach his/her won horoscope along with the question, he/she may get the most authentic answer. It has been noted that maximum numbers of people ask the same questions. If you think you have to ask any question, go on for asking and it seems it is the astrological service that will be the best source to get the answer in a relevant manner.

It is true that those are associated with horary astrology are skilled and seasoned astrologers. Keeping pace with the time they are sure to cater you the astrology horoscope that is ready to give you your specific answer. Again along with the answers, you will come to know of the best Vedic remedies mentioned in your chart. The astro-remedies catered to you will help to fulfill your desires.

The answer is written in easy manner so that a lay man can come across it with utmost comfort ability. You need not know your birth date, time, place but you will get your desired answer with the aid of expert astrologers. Prashna kundali online free has the specific scientific approach though free, that can cater you complete satisfaction. In many places all you have to do is to select from a given section what you want to know. Then you can opt for the pre-elaborated asked questions or simply go on writing your own specific one.

Final touch

Actually prashna kundali online free is meant for those people who have no birth data in their hand. For them it is the most convenient thing is to go for online astrology. There is no chance of being disappointed. Accurate predictions are there for them for sure.

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