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The Horary Astrology or Prashna Horoscope system is a most accurate system of Hindu Astrology where we make charts using the seed number (1 – 249) and analyze the prashna horoscope to provide you most accurate answer. This is one of the unique system used by Rishis and Mahirishis in old times. If you really have a serious question in your mind. 


Prashna System is more accurate and reveals the will of the God

Prashna Jyotish, known as Horary Astrology too, is a branch of Vedic Astrology that deals with answering specific questions asked by a person at a particular moment. There are several reasons why someone chooses to use it to gain insights into their life. Firstly, Prashna Jyotish can provide quick and specific answers. If someone is going through a difficult time and fails to decide what to do  one  can consult a Prashna Jyotish expert for guidance. Secondly, it can be used to provide clarity and understanding in situations where individuals may feel confused or uncertain.

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Frequently asked questions

-About Prashna Astrology

Why Prashna Jyotish?

Prashna Jyotish is a branch of astrology that focuses on answering specific questions or queries posed by an individual. It is based on the principles of Vedic astrology, which believes that the positioning and movement of celestial bodies can influence a person’s life. People may turn to Prashna Jyotish when they have a specific question or concern that they want addressed. This could include questions about career, relationships, health, finances, or any other aspect of life that is causing them uncertainty or distress.
A Prashna Jyotish astrologer can provide insights and guidance that can help the individual make informed decisions or take appropriate action.

Is Nadi Jyotish accurate?

Nadi Jyotish is a branch of astrology that is based on the principles of ancient Indian texts known as the Nadi Granthas. It is said to provide very specific and accurate predictions about a person’s life based on their thumbprint, which is used to identify their unique Nadi leaf.
While there are many who claim that Nadi Jyotish is accurate. Many critics argue that the predictions provided by Nadi Jyotish are based on generalizations and are often too vague to be useful. Additionally, some people have reported that the predictions they received did not come true, leading to skepticism about the accuracy of it.

Is astrologer going to predict everything through Prasha system?

No. An astrologer cannot predict everything through the Prashna system. While the Prashna system can provide answers to specific questions, it has its limitations. The accuracy of the answer depends on the quality of the question asked, the sincerity and intention of the person asking the question, and the astrologer’s skill and knowledge.

Is Online Kundli correct?

The accuracy of an online Kundali or birth chart depends on the quality of the software or website used to generate it. Some online Kundali software is based on authentic principles and can provide accurate results, while others may be less reliable and produce incorrect or incomplete charts.
It is important to note that creating a birth chart is a complex process that requires accurate birth data, such as the date, time, and place of birth. If any of these details are incorrect or unknown, the birth chart can be inaccurate.

Additionally, interpreting a birth chart requires a high level of skill and knowledge in astrology. While some online Kundali software may provide basic interpretations of the chart, it is important to remember that astrology is a complex subject and requires years of study and practice to master.

How to read Prashna in Astrology?

Prashna is a branch of astrology that involves answering specific questions based on the time and place that the question is asked. Here are the steps for reading Prashna in astrology:

  • Choose The Right Time 
  • Create a chart 
  • Analyze the chart
  •  Interpret the chart  

The astrologer will then use their knowledge of astrology to interpret the chart and provide an answer to the question.

How do you ask questions in astrology?

Be clear: Ask a specific question that is clear and unambiguous. Avoid asking open-ended questions or questions that are too general.
Provide accurate birth data: If you are asking a question about your own birth chart, make sure you provide accurate birth data, such as your date, time, and place of birth. This information is crucial for generating an accurate birth chart and providing an accurate answer to your question.
State your intention: State your intention for asking the question. Be honest and sincere in your intentions, and be open to the answer you receive.
Ask for guidance: Ask for guidance on how to navigate a situation or make a decision. Avoid asking yes or no questions, as they can limit the scope of the answer.
Trust the process: Trust the process and be open to receiving the answer. Remember that astrology is a tool for guidance and self-awareness, and the answer you receive may not always be what you expect.

What are frequently Aked Questions in Astrology?

‘Frequently Asked Questions’ in astrology refer to some common questions, people ask about astrology and related topics. These questions can cover a wide range of topics, such as the basics of astrology, zodiac signs, birth charts, planetary movements, and the use of astrology in daily life.


Astrology is like a garden. There you can find various flowers of various colors and they are packed with fragrance

While finding out the Secrets Of Prashna Astrology we have to accept the fact that it is a branch of

KP astrology, also known as Krishnamurti Paddhati astrology, is a branch of Vedic astrology developed by the Indian astrologer K.S.

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